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Warehouse Fans Save Costs in Summer

  • Tami Dosemagen

How Industrial Ceiling Fans Help Beat the Heat in Warehouses & Save Money

Fall is fast approaching, but we’re still in the dog days of summer, which means the heat still poses safety and bottom-line threats for warehouses and industrial spaces. High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans, more commonly known as industrial warehouse ceiling fans, can dramatically reduce heat-related safety threats to employees in industrial warehouses.


Let’s walk through some of these heat-related risks and costs, and how to mitigate them.

Summer Increases Risk for Heat Illnesses & Employer Costs

When employees are your most valuable assets, even a single injury or illness can seriously impact your bottom line. Without a sufficient cooling system that includes industrial warehouse fans, employees face significant health risks while working indoors in the summer.


Between 1992 and 2017, heat stress injuries killed 815 U.S. workers and seriously injured more than 70,000, according to OSHA. The CDC advises employers to be on the alert for these signs of heat illnesses in the summer and to take action when they occur:


  • Heat cramps: Symptoms include muscle cramps, pain, or spasms in the abdomen, arms or legs. Excessive sweating creates higher risk for heat cramps, which can dramatically lower productivity.
  • Heat exhaustion: Symptoms can be serious, such as a rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, dizziness, vomiting, rapid shallow breathing, and a slightly-elevated body temperature.
  • Heat stroke: If the above symptoms aren’t addressed, heat stroke can kill. Symptoms include high body temperature, confusion, loss of coordination, hot, dry skin or profuse sweating, severe headaches, and seizures or even a coma.


Even when heat stress symptoms are minor, workers can become less alert, less productive, and are more likely to make mistakes. The results may include increased downtime, damaged equipment or products, and unhappy customers.


What’s more, uncomfortable workers are unhappy workers. According to a recent article from EHS Today, unhappy workers have 49% percent more accidents, 37% higher absenteeism, and are 60% more likely to make work mistakes that cause product defects.

Warehouse Ceiling Fans Lower Summer HVAC Expenses & Energy Bills

The price of ignoring heat illnesses can add up to millions of dollars for large, industrial operations with multiple warehouse facilities that don’t have HVLS warehouse fans. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that workplace injuries and illnesses cost employers nearly $250 billion a year.


Fortunately, just a single HVLS fan investment can deliver thousands of dollars in return via comfortable, productive employees who get more work accomplished in a single workday, which increases output and revenue.


An industrial warehouse fan is an employer’s best friend when it comes to heat and moisture management. The airflow controls humidity, which in turn helps prevent food storage spoilage and machinery corrosion. This also reduces liquid and airborne hazards that can cause sick building syndrome. See firsthand how a Hunter® TitanTM HVLS fan dramatically speeds the drying time for a liquid spill, as far as 40 feet away from the fan’s center in this video.


Another benefit of an HVLS warehouse fan is the potential savings from fewer HVAC maintenance costs or replacement expenses. Not all fans are cost-effective for reducing reliance on HVAC output, which means most HVAC systems still have to work harder to cool warehouses and other facilities.


A Hunter HVLS fan can prevent industrial-sized energy bills at the end of this summer and can extend the life of your HVAC. When you combine HVLS fans with an HVAC system, energy costs go down while your employees’ productivity goes up, due to the improvement in air temperature.

Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouses Improve Safety & Profitability

If you’re using your HVAC system alone for air temperature control, chances are you’re spending too much money on your energy bills. HVAC systems have many issues heating and cooling industrial spaces, but there is a solution. When HVAC systems are combined with HVLS warehouse ceiling fans, you can decrease energy costs and increase employee morale and even customer satisfaction.


HVLS fans create indoor airflows that make employees and customers feel cooler, which means less reliance on the HVAC system. According to  


With a Hunter HVLS industrial fan, not only are you able to reduce heat-related risks to your employees, but there are also financial rewards for your investment. A temperate environment promotes higher productivity and accuracy, and lowers energy bills. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by downloading our white paper: The Real ROI of HVLS Fans.


So what are you waiting for? Call us today to see how you can start saving money at 1-844-591-3267 or contact us through our website. We look forward to finding ways to reduce your energy costs and help you provide safer, more comfortable, and more productive work spaces.