Kid's bedroom mid-century modern update | Hunter Fan

Kid's bedroom mid-century modern update

  • Sarah Villane

I was excited to take part in our Huntervention series and even more excited to learn we would be in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a great opportunity to give Jeremy Motz, whose house flooded in 2011, a room refresh for his daughter Keylee.

Jeremy’s a busy electrician and works a nine to five job to help support his six-year-old daughter, Keylee. After their house flooded, Jeremy bought a new one only to find out he would have to replace all of the flooring on the first floor. With his budget depleted, Jeremy no longer had a way to give Keylee the room she deserved.

I knew that this would be a unique opportunity to refresh our first kid’s room for the Huntervention tour and was totally up for the challenge.


Choosing a Ceiling Fan

For Keylee’s room I chose the mid-century inspired mint Cranbrook ceiling fan. I felt like the mint color was really fun for a kid’s room; it adds a pop of color, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. We used the low-profile version which tucks it up a little bit higher to the ceiling but still offers the same amount of air flow.


Before we did the Huntervention, she had storage along the one side of her room where she kept all of her toys and dress-up clothes. As I went through the process of designing her room, I wanted to make sure this refresh was something she could grow up with; so we tried to give her the same amount of space but in a more elevated way.

The Reveal

It was a really great feeling to see Jeremy and Keylee’s reaction when they first saw the space. Jeremy put it well when he first saw it: It’s kind of retro but still pretty modern. It worked really well for a kid’s room.


I was just thrilled with how it all came together. It’s exactly like what I envisioned and all the little details that I felt strongly about and wanted to come through are all there.  I was really happy with how the mini table and chairs matched the fan so perfectly; I think it makes for a good balance in the room.