From creating a well-lit, productive work environment to the impacts of cell phone blue light on sleep, there are more conversations happening around how light color impacts your wellness. Having the right light in your space can create the ambiance and mood you need.

A quick lesson: A light bulb’s color temperature dictates the look and feel of the light that will be produced. It’s measured in Kelvins (K), where lower on the scale visble light appears more red or orange tinted, in the middle appears more true white, and higher on the scale appears more blue.

How light color temperature may impact your mood

“Setting the mood” has more to do with science than you might think. Color temperature has the ability to impact your wellness through relaxation, quality of sleep, attention, and productivity.

A warmer white light with a glow similar to traditional incandescent bulbs can help create a relaxing, calming environment. It’s ideal for winding down at night while you’re reading a book in your bedroom, living room, or rec room.

Cool white light can impact your concentration, especially during moments when you need to focus and be productive. Cool white light may be great in home office spaces to help you feel more motivated and engaged. For the same reason, it’s also ideal in living rooms and kitchens where kids study and do homework.

Light with more of a blue color – commonly known as “daylight” - provides an ideal environment for helping you feel alert and awake, making it great for when you first wake up in the morning. Create an energetic tone in a home gym when you need to motivate your workout. Set the mood in your kitchen and living room with a daylight option to help motivate family chores.

The stylish ceiling fan with Tunable White LED technology

We engineered, tested, and added our exclusive Tunable White LED technology to one of our most popular designs: The Dempsey modern ceiling fan. The powerful WhisperWind® motor offers quiet comfort, while the dimmable integrated LED give you an energy efficient light source. This casual yet contemporary design fits nearly any space, and now comes with adjustable lighting options to fit nearly any mood.

Use our exclusive handheld remote to easily flip between Warm White (3,000 K), Cool White (4,000 K), and Daylight (5,000 K) on the Dempsey fan’s light. The light choices let you create a perfectly tailored space for watching TV, reading a good book, or completing school work. The lighting coupled with the fan design makes this the best ceiling fan for any room in your home.

The Dempsey with Tunable White LED technology is available in Brushed Nickel, one of our most popular and versatile finishes. This beautiful, clean finish complements the high contrast of angles throughout the design to create a look that will keep your space looking current and inspired.

Impact your wellness – concentration to comfort – in a whole new way. Set a productive tone in your home office by selecting Daylight on the fan remote. Unwind at night wrapped up with a blanket reading a good book and change the fan light to Warm White.

Create the perfect ambiance in your space with a stylish ceiling fan plus innovative Tunable White LED technology with our newest Dempsey ceiling fan.

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Dempsey with Tunable White LED light

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