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Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design a Modern Minimalist Bathroom Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism is much more than bare, white walls and empty spaces. It is the art of living simply and practically with only what you need and what you love. Everything in a minimalist space has a purpose, but make no mistake, there is definitely room for style. Without the excess, your furniture, fixtures, and art stand out and make an impact. In the bathroom, the uncluttered simplicity can create easy mornings in an organized style. Minimalism may be low on clutter, but you can go big on design. You can create this beautiful design in your home and brighten up your days and space with one of Hunter's best-selling lights.


Modern Minimalist Bathroom designed by Jasmine Roth with Hepburn vanity

Clean and Simple              

My rule of thumb is to keep it clean and simple in the bathroom, no matter the style. The first thing I chose for this bathroom was the lighting. I loved the idea of building a bathroom around this light from Hunter’s Hepburn Collection. Check out Hunter’s Luxurious Bathroom Lighting for more lighting ideas for more bathroom lighting options. The Hepburn is actually on of my top pick from Hunter’s new lighting collection. The Hepburn vanity’s beautiful Painted Modern Brass made the rest of the design simple. I added brushed brass fixtures (faucet & drain), a vessel sink to go with the faucet design, and a vanity that was the right height for the vessel sink. The neutral tile and bold artwork tied everything together and made the room feel complete.


What's Right for the Walls

In a bathroom, it's essential to try samples on the walls before painting. The way the light reflects in a bathroom makes paint colors look slightly different from those in the store. (Another reason for making your light selection first). Also, it's best to use paint in an "eggshell" sheen for the walls and ceiling due to the moisture. For this room I chose Sherwin Williams’ Aesthetic White, which adds warm neutral for the vanity and allows the light to make a statement.



Pro Tip: I recommend choosing your décor style before ever looking at tile options


Bathroom flooring can be tricky. When it comes to choosing tile, it feels like there are a million different options–because there are! Then once you go to the tile showroom or start looking online, don't sway from the style you chose. Also, consider the size of your bathroom. Many of my clients think they want "large-format tile" in their bathroom because they don't want to clean grout, but this doesn't always work for a small bathroom. Grout has come a long way, and it might not actually be as hard to keep clean as you're thinking.


3 Things to Make It Right 

 In every bathroom, I try to incorporate 3 things when it comes to accessories: 

  • something soft (think a rug or cozy towels)
  • a piece of bold art
  • a plant (of course!)  

Bathrooms usually don't need a ton of furniture, but a little stool or chair to sit on is always a nice addition if you have room. Likewise, you don't need something on every wall of your bathroom. You want your bathroom to feel clean, fresh, and uncluttered. You also want it to feel comfortable. If you have each of the three things: something soft, a piece of art, and a plant in the room--chances are you're done. I have more Bright Ideas for creating inviting spaces for your guests.

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