Huntervention™ refreshes small bedroom with modern ceiling fan

Huntervention™ refreshes small bedroom with modern ceiling fan

  • Anna Ham

See how a Hunter ceiling fan with lights can brighten any room, no matter the size.

The Jarriels are a newlywed millennial couple living in the heart of Atlanta. I was excited to take on this Huntervention because they live in an urban area and have a more modern taste. It was also cool to be able to show off how great a new Hunter fan looks in a modern space. Hayley and Hensley are living in their first house together and picked this one after a long search. They had previously been working on updating their living and dining rooms and submitted their master bedroom for a Huntervention. They’re going to be in this house for a good while so we wanted to give them something that would withstand the test of time. In refreshing their bedroom, I wanted to give them something fun and modern. They have an affinity for a collected look which led me to a bohemian-modern design. This meant using light woods, natural woven baskets and a lot of plant life.

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Choosing a Ceiling Fan

We had a lot of things to keep in mind while refreshing their space—like the size of the room or the ceiling height. The Hensley’s have an older house with smaller room sizes. For that reason we chose the Aker, which is a smaller fan that allows the room to look bigger and make it look as grand as it should. Hunter is making huge strides in modern fans and the Aker has a beautifully inspired Danish-modern design.


I could tell by Hayley and Hensley’s reactions that they were truly in awe over what we had done with their bedroom. It was so gratifying to hear how thankful they were to the Hunter team and how much they loved their new Hunter fan. I know they’ll be enjoying this space for years to come. Hunter Design Director Patrick O'Connell contributed to this blog.