• 1.  Prepare
  • 2.  Remove
  • 3.  Label wires
  • 4.  Mount plate
  • 5.  Connect wires
  • 6.  Set switches
  • 7.  Install batteries
  • 8.  Done
Remove your old thermostat 
Circuit Breaker 
Remove Cover 
Turn off power
Turn off the power to your compressor and furnace.
Remove cover
Take off your existing thermostat’s cover. (You may have to remove screws or other locking devices first.) Once the wallplate is exposed, locate the wire terminals and try to identify the wire designations. If you can’t see the wire terminals, they may be connected to the back of the wallplate. Look for any additional screws, tabs or locking devices to remove the wallplate. If you still can’t find the wire terminals, contact the manufacturer of your existing thermostat.