• 1.  Prepare
  • 2.  Remove
  • 3.  Label wires
  • 4.  Mount plate
  • 5.  Connect wires
  • 6.  Set switches
  • 7.  Install batteries
  • 8.  Done





Mount the wallplate 



Remove the wallplate 



Remove the wallplate


Pull the wires through 



Remove the mounting plate by pulling it straight off the back of the Thermostat.
Pull the wires through and install wallplate 

Carefully pull the wires through the back of the mounting plate, making sure that all of the wire labels stay on.

With a Phillips screwdriver, partially install one screw into the top hole of the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is level by using the bubble level on the mounting plate, then install the other screw. Tighten both screws until secure.


TIP  You don’t need to level your Hunter thermostat for accuracy, but it’s a good idea to level it for appearance.