• 1.  Prepare
  • 2.  Remove
  • 3.  Label wires
  • 4.  Mount plate
  • 5.  Connect wires
  • 6.  Set switches
  • 7.  Install batteries
  • 8.  Done

Prepare before you start

What you'll need
Avoid problems with these simple precautions



Phillips Screwdriver (#2)

Phillips screwdriver (#2)

Two AA Batteries

Two 1.5V (AA) size
alkaline batteries
  • Turn the power off  to your furnace/compressor before you begin. If you don’t, you could damage your thermostat and/or heating and cooling system. Don’t restore power until installation is complete. 

  • Don’t disconnect the wires from your old thermostat until you’ve labeled them properly (we’ll show you how). Why is labeling so important? Because wire color may not indicate wire function.  

  • Before wiring your thermostat, you need to know what kind of system you have. If you’re not sure, our FAQs can help you identify your system. If you need further assistance, please call our Technical Support team at 1-888-830-1326.

  • All wiring must be done in accordance with local code and ordinances.

  • Your Hunter thermostat is designed for 24V AC/millivolt systems with a maximum of 1 amp. Higher amp or line voltage systems will cause damage to your system and increase the risk of fire.