John Hunter

"It's like a personal butler, but for your fan."

— John Hunter

John Hunter

"It's like a personal butler, but for your fan."

— John Hunter

With SIMPLEconnect, you can program a fan—or group of fans—to fit your schedule. Want the fan to turn on before you come home, so you always step into a comfortable, refreshed house? No problem. Or if you’re going out of town, how about having the lights turn on and off at random to help ward off intruders? Done. Plus, when you’re at home, there’s no more getting up to change fan speeds or dim the lights—just reach for your smartphone. Oh, and did we mention that SIMPLEconnect works with all major brands of pull-chain fans? (Because pull chains are so yesterday.) It’s all as easy as installing a fan accessory and downloading a free app.

SIMPLEConnect Overview

The SIMPLEconnect app

Put the latest technology to work for you with our SIMPLEconnect app, available for iOS and Android devices. Download the app for free and start enjoying the convenience of scheduling your fan and light with your smartphone.

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A gif showing that you can schedule when a ceiling fan turns on
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Keep Spot and Mittens comfortable.

Program the fan to turn on at high noon so your pets stay cool while you’re away. Or set the lights to turn on at the same time as your morning alarm. The SIMPLEconnect scheduling function gives you total control of your environment—whether you’re home or not.

Count down to dreamland.

If you love falling asleep with the fan on—but hate waking up cold—set the fan to shut down shortly after you do. The SIMPLEconnect countdown timer can make bedtime for the kids easier, too—just set the light to go off after they’ve conked out (hopefully).

Baffle those burglars.

Going on a trip? Have more peace of mind with SIMPLEconnect’s security feature. With your fan lights set to turn on and off randomly between 6 and 10 at night, you’ll help keep prowlers guessing—and they’ll likely move on to someplace more predictable.

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Available on Google Play Available on The App Store

App Compatibility: iOS 7.1 or higher; Android™ 4.3 or higher

What's in the box?

Hunter Fan's SimpleConnect product still in the box
SimpleConnect bluetooth receiver
Bluetooth® Plug-in Controller
The "brains" of it all
SimpleConnect bluetooth receiver
Bluetooth® Compatible Receiver
The blue box
On/Off Remote Control
Think "valet key" for your fan

It’s simple—but can we get nerdy for a minute?

SIMPLEconnect is true to its name: Your phone talks to the Bluetooth controller that’s plugged into the wall outlet, and the controller talks to the receiver in the fan. That’s it. But if you want to find out how this new technology puts you in total control, let’s get into some details.

Do it all with one phone (but don’t leave anyone out)

The plug-in controller has an 80-foot range, so it can control multiple fans in your home. What if you have a very large house? You might need more than one controller, but check this out—you can still easily program multiple controllers with just one phone. What about the other people in your household? Don’t worry—more than one phone can have all the same programming power. You can even put guests in charge of their own comfort with a valet remote (without having to give them access to your phone).

A diagram showing that simpleconnect can connect to multiple ceiling fans
A diagram for SimpleConnect

Create fan groups for ultimate convenience

Being able to program each fan individually is great, but you can also schedule fans as a group to make life a little easier. Let’s say, for example, that you want the fans and lights in all the kids’ rooms to turn off at a certain time each night. Our app makes it simple for you to group those fans together so they’re on the same schedule. Nice.

A diagram for SimpleConnect

SIMPLEconnect Programmable Control

3-piece kit to add the SIMPLEconnect Programmable Control to one fan in your home

$ 99.99

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SIMPLEconnect Add-on Receiver

Add additional fans to your SIMPLEconnect Programmable Control

$ 34.99

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Need assistance?

Find your SIMPLEconnect resources right here—but if you still need help, we’re always ready to lend a hand. Just give us a call at 1-888-830-1326.

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