Use your smart phone to control your ceiling fans anywhere, from the couch to the office – even around the world. Featuring state-of-the-art Wi-Fi® technology and connected home integrations, SIMPLEconnect™ ceiling fans allow you to automate your home with the touch of a button or by voice command.

Our Connected Home Fans are smarter than most politicians.

– John Hunter

Enhance personal security by never walking into a dark home again: Use your smart home integrations with our SIMPLEconnect™ ceiling fans to turn on its light when you’re arriving with location-based triggers. When you’re away, simulate activity in the home by remotely controlling the light on your fan, deterring unwanted guests. Increase energy efficiency by syncing the fans with your thermostat, keeping your family cool and your energy bill low. Easily step into the world of home automation by connecting your fan to a myriad of other smart home products, such as door locks, garage doors, plugs, thermostats, and shades.


Hunter brings Wi-Fi® technology where it might not be expected: the ceiling fan. Our SIMPLEconnect™ ceiling fans boast smart home integrations including Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, and their possible benefits are ever-evolving.

“When we first had cameras on our iPhones, we didn’t immediately envision the ability to deposit checks with them. Similarly, we know that these fans enhance energy efficiency, home security and convenience, but we believe we’ve just scratched the surface of their full potential,” says Hunter Chief Marketing Officer John Neilson.

Ceiling Fan

Programmable, LED Lighting


Automatic, Adjustable


Self-Adjusting, Programmable

Meet the Connected-Home Fans

Symphony, Signal, and Apache combine state of the art technology with Hunter's rich heritage of quality craftsmanship.

Symphony Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan
54" Wi-Fi SIMPLEconnect™ Ceiling Fan
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Signal Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan
54" Wi-Fi SIMPLEconnect™ Ceiling Fan
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Apache Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan
54" Wi-Fi SIMPLEconnect™ Ceiling Fan
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