Program your fan with your phone

“It’s like a personal butler, but for your fan.”

— John Hunter

John Hunter

Everything you need in one box

Bluetooth® Plug-in Controller

The "brains" of it all

Bluetooth® Compatible Receiver

The blue box

On/Off Remote Control

Think "valet key" for your fan

It really is simple

1. Download the free app

2. Plug in the Bluetooth® controller

3. Install the receiver in the fan
It isn't hard—watch this video

SIMPLEconnect Programmable Control

3-piece kit to add the SIMPLEconnect Programmable Control to one fan in your home


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With SIMPLEconnect’s scheduling function, you can program your fan to turn on at high noon to keep pets cool while you’re away. Or set the lights to turn on before you arrive home in the evening.


If you love falling asleep with the fan on, but hate waking up cold, set the fan to shut down shortly after you do. The SIMPLEconnect sleep timer can make bedtime easier for kids too, just set the lights to turn off after they’ve fallen asleep.


Going on a trip? Have peace of mind with SIMPLEconnect’s security feature. With your fan lights set to turn on and off at random between 6pm and 10pm, you’ll keep potential prowlers guessing.

Do it all with one phone

The plug-in controller has an 80-foot range, so it can control multiple fans in your home. What if you have a very large house? You might need more than one controller, but check this out—you can still easily program multiple controllers with just one phone. What about the other people in your household? Don’t worry—more than one phone can have all the same programming power. You can even put guests in charge of their own comfort with a valet remote (without having to give them access to your phone).

A diagram showing that simpleconnect can connect to multiple ceiling fans