An original that’s always been ahead of its time.

If you call yourself an original, you’d better be able to back up your claim. Well, our 52" Original (and every Original model) has certainly earned its bragging rights. Our most popular fan’s key features haven’t changed much over the years—but the quality of the fan’s craftsmanship and engineering won it the ENERGY STAR rating, a designation that goes to the truly stand-out products in energy efficiency. A tough and timeless beauty you can feel really good about? We call that the best of both worlds.

Own a Hunter Original.

“As dear as it is to our hearts, we don’t keep this best-seller around for purely sentimental reasons.”

Indestructible cast iron housing.

Promising a lifetime of quiet, trouble-free operation, the Original’s powerful, one-of-a-kind motor is housed in cast iron—as ruggedly beautiful as it is wear-resistant. This fan’s a keeper, all right.

Unique oil bath lubrication.

As the fan operates, an oil bath system constantly lubricates bearings, virtually eliminating noise and wear. This unique lubrication system is one of the reasons your Original will last a lifetime—and why it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. (Don’t be put off by a fan that requires oil, by the way. After initial setup, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever have to add oil—and if you do, it’s super easy.)

A real stunner.

Just picture it in all its understated glory, hanging out in that big room of yours. Antique black finish. Five reversible veneer blades in walnut and oak. Three speeds. And at the top of its class in air movement. Yeah—it’s quite the showstopper.