A Hunter ceiling fan does more than make the room comfortable—it makes the room.

“The fan is the jewel of the ceiling.”

—Ben, Hunter designer

Is your ceiling fan helping you create that certain feeling in every room? It should. The ceiling fan isn’t what it used to be (and we oughta know, because we invented it back in 1886). These days, you don’t have to choose between comfort, efficiency or style—you can have it all: a multifunctional powerhouse and a centerpiece that completes your living space. With more lighting choices, blade finishes and beautifully crafted housings than ever before (thanks to our dedicated design team), the ceiling fan is finally becoming a focal point in home décor.

What does all this mean for you? It means you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection. Whether you’re looking for a fan that simply coordinates with your existing style or you’re ready to create a truly personalized aesthetic statement, we want to inspire you by sharing what inspires us.


Meet the design team.

Step into our design studio on any given day, and chances are you’ll find us sketching, carving, laughing or butting heads (but never for long). Every Hunter fan has its own unique origin story, but each one is conceived, designed and meticulously obsessed over right here in Memphis.


“As a team, we’ll do up to 3,000 sketches and create as many as 300 prototypes a year—only a handful of which make it to our final cut.”


Our approach

So what sparks our imaginations?

It’s part homework, part real-life spontaneity. We go to tradeshows, pore over magazines and hunt for upcoming trends everywhere—but inspiration can also come from walking by an intriguing window display or having an interesting conversation at a dinner party. We might come across a beautiful piece of barn wood, for example, then challenge ourselves to find a way to replicate that look—as authentically as possible—on a fan blade. It’s no easy task. As a team, we’ll do up to 3,000 sketches and create as many as 300 prototypes a year—only a handful of which make it to our final cut. We can proudly say that each new Hunter model represents the very best embodiment of our very best ideas.

A passion for the craft

Would you go to a concert performed by a robot?

(OK, we would too, but just for the novelty factor.) The music might be technically perfect, but it would lack human warmth. We feel the same way about design—that’s why you won’t find computer-generated patterns or images on a Hunter fan. We draw, carve and sculpt by hand first. Then and only then do we allow our designs to be replicated for production.


Ultimately, our goal is to create a fan that will connect with you on a personal level—so when you see it, you think, “Yes, THAT’S the one.”