It was a dark time for ceiling fans…

Air conditioning was in—and ceiling fans were on the outs. Then the energy crisis of the 1970s hit. Suddenly people had to keep their thermostat as high as they could possibly tolerate—and it wasn’t pretty. Sweat would fall and ink would smear (remember ink?).

That’s when we decided to figure out how much cooler the right ceiling fan could make people feel (six to eight degrees, by the way). Sales for the Hunter Original ceiling fan started booming. We could barely keep up with demand. And the rest is history—still currently in the making.

Authenticity lives in the details.

There are many Hunter imitators. But they simply aren’t of the same caliber—not in the way they’re designed, engineered, manufactured or tested. The result? They’re bound to underwhelm you—and you won’t get any of the advantages of a Hunter.

Here at Hunter, craftsmanship has always been part of our history—and we’re not about to compromise. Our engineers maintain unyielding standards. Our designers will settle for nothing less than their vision come to life—hand sculpting the intricate designs on our blade irons, for example (rather than designing by computer). And our test technicians continue to go above and beyond stringent requirements, pioneering our own test protocols where none exist, such as for fan noise levels.


Craftsmanship can be found in our meticulous attention to detail—from weighing each blade for perfect balance (and wobble-free performance) to working closely with our overseas teams to get sampling and tooling just right before production. Our overseas colleagues are also experienced craftspeople—true artisans—who hand paint blades, hand buff metal finishes and more to meet Hunter standards.

Ultimately, each of us knows that our job impacts your quality of life. We know how the ceiling fan can completely change the way a room looks and feels—and how you feel in it. We want to help you find the perfect fan, interact with it effortlessly and feel empowered to complete your space. Most important, we want you to trust in the heritage of quality, reliability and efficiency that comes with a well-crafted fan.