Hunter Fan Company Brings its Personal Humidifier to the U.S.

March 07, 2011

Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier silently runs on water bottle and ultrasonic waves

Hunter Fan Company, the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer, announced today the launch of the Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier, a silent portable humidifier supplied by a 20 ounce water bottle and powered by ultrasonic radio waves. This is the first humidifier of its kind manufactured by Hunter.

One of the smallest humidifiers on the market, the Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier is ideal for bedside or office use, and perfect for traveling. The unit can run for up to 12 hours on a single 20 ounce water bottle, eliminating volume caused by a water tank. Despite the convenient size, its output adequately humidifies most any room.

The humidifier is powered by ultrasonic radio waves, which allow it to produce water vapor while being completely silent. It has a variable control from low to high and automatically powers off once the water supply is depleted.

“The Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier provides a portable, convenient option for consumers,” said Kent Mathis, Marketing Manager at Hunter. “The compact size of the product is unparalleled, and we believe it will have a major impact on the market, filling a necessary void.”

Humidifiers ease respiratory distress and reduce symptoms caused by cold and flu. The added moisture in the air can help prevent dry nasal cavities, improve the skin and reduce static electricity. Humidifiers are also beneficial for wood flooring and furniture in winter as they help prevent cracking.

The Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier is currently sold internationally, and made its official U.S. debut at the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing show in February. It will be available in the U.S. in early summer 2011 and will be sold in grocery and drug stores nationwide. (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $29.99).