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Pioneer of the ceiling fan. Connoisseur of well-designed rooms. Stirrer of air and emotions. Founder of Hunter Ceiling Fan Co.

The year was 1886. Writing in a stale-aired steamer ship, the sweat dripped off me, smearing my pages of adventure, industrialism and love. Suddenly, like that time I was punched by a kangaroo, it hit me. Boom! The ceiling fan.

Yes, I’d already immigrated from Ireland, built railroads and dug canals – but those fans stirred something deep inside me. From that point on, I made it my mission to tell everyone about them. As much as things have changed since, the hallmarks of my ceiling fans – quality, design and innovation – are as relevant today as they were back when Amazon was only a jungle.

Enough of me though. You’re here because you delight in everything that goes into your home, from top to bottom. And you’re not afraid to stir it up, either. I knew there was something I liked about you.

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On Quality

Quality is the non-negotiable rock upon which Hunter is built. And, I might add, it lends itself quite well to making a long-lasting fan. Could Hunter relax its standards a little and survive? Maybe. But I surely wouldn’t lend my name or likeness to such a crackpot scheme.

On Design

I fancy myself a stylish sort with a keen eye, especially when it comes to ceiling fans and room design. And I insist, in my own charming way of course, that everyone think more about their rooms with a Hunter ceiling fan as the starting point.

On Innovation

With apologies to my golden retriever Winston, innovation is this inventor’s best friend. Our latest products and technologies are incredible and just the beginning. Stay tuned— it’s an exciting time to be alive, my friends.

Go ahead, ask me anything.

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