patrick-oconnell-hunter-blog.jpgOur dining room table has a rustic finish, so no matter how wild my kids are being, it’s predistressed; I don’t have to worry about them scratching the wood or leaving fingerprint behind.
I think that’s part of the appeal of farmhouse design: It’s low maintenance. You don’t have to overanalyze your child’s behavior with rustic décor.
Modern farmhouse design also the perfect blend of a lot of trends: rustic, industrial and modern. The rustic and distressed finishes pair beautifully with the dark ironwork and exposed hardware of industrial, while the sleek lines of modern design gives it a touch of elegance.
Farmhouse is also about more than family-friendly décor; it’s about family as a whole. It embraces easy living lifestyle where families are in the center and you’re spending time with each other, that’s why you’re seeing more and more open concept spaces associated with farmhouse design.
So how do you achieve this modern farmhouse look? My design team and I have some ideas.

Patrick O'Connell is the Design Director for Hunter Fan Comapny.


It’s definitely evolved and definitely fitting what people want to do where each room is not necessarily purposed for what it’s supposed to do. The kitchen is a gathering space, it’s an office, it’s where kids do their homework.
Christine Holmes, Designer


We love the soft modern Aker ceiling fan, especially in black, or rustic finishes of the Donegan ceiling fan in the 44" blade span for a farmhouse kitchen.



Every farmhouse kitchen has subway tile. It’s timeless and classic, but can lend itself to modern design elements. It’s also easy to clean, so it goes back to the idea that family friendly idea of farmhouse style.
Claire McRoberts, Designer



Porches, especially wrap around porches, are an integral part of farmhouse architecture. We have some farmhouse ceiling fans with rustic finishes that are damp rated for patios that would look perfect on these porches while keeping everyone cool.


The Ocala ceiling fan or Key Biscayne ceiling fan have rustic finishes with touches of metal work that would fit perfectly on a farmhouse porch. 


Joanna Gaines has us obsessed with shiplap! (I wonder if we can put shiplap on a fan…) Whether it’s a floor, a wall, a ceiling, you’ve got to have wood paneling for the farmhouse look.


Black window trim and metal railings offer a modern twist on farmhouse décor. It gives stairwells with traditional shiplap walls and rustic flooring a sleek modern yet industrial touch.


The Cassius ceiling fan or Chronicle ceiling fan in black complements the black metalwork accents of a farmhouse room.

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