June 10, 2015   5:32 PM


Fan   Guide   Hunter   John  
Ahh, the Granville. It’s hard to overlook this fine ENERGY STAR-rated fan that perches ever so confidently at the top of its class. Splendid bronze finish, roasted walnut finish, and the toffee glass bowl light. What’s not to like? It’s quite an accompaniment for evenings filled with laughter, backgammon and late 19th century literature. Tolstoy or Wilde, please.


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July 19, 2015
rob v.
I bought a Granville at costco. It didnt work out of the box. Hunter support is terrible and i have to take it down and return it to costco. terrible customer service even worse quality control. I bought this for a brand new home i was building never again will i give Hunter business. Customer service should be a priority
July 18, 2015
Jim C.
Bought two of these fans they both wobble, have checked everything from tightening screws to balancing the blades with their supplied kit.(which is a joke since they are supposed to be wobble free why do they need to give the balance kit). I am now looking at returning them and finding fans that work.