February 15, 2017   9:50 AM
Valentine's Day means a whole lot of pink. Everywhere. Balloons, flowers, teddy bears, drinks… It's enough to give you a pink headache.
But before you throw a big can of blue paint over the Valentine’s Day aisle at the grocery store, our designers want you to get to know pink better.
“It almost reads as neutral. That was the secret to the mint: It’s not overwhelming, in your face; it’s super subtle,” said Hunter Fan Designer Claire McRoberts.

We featured mint on our Cranbrook ceiling fan and fell in love! One look and we bet you'll be equally obsessed.

We're not talking Pepto Bismol or bubblegum pink, but rather blush pink. Rose gold is a trend that’s still going strong, and blush is a natural progression of that.
“What’s interesting about the rose gold is I see men and women carrying around the rose gold. It’s not just a feminine color,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes.
From full on tone-on-tone to subtle accents, blush is what you make of it.
“It can play both parts: I think it’s a really nice accent - we’ve seen it on a lot of accessories -but I think you could go pink couch, paint a wall pink, throw a copper lamp in there,” said Hunter Fan Designer Alex Haggar.

Add a ceiling fan to complete the look of the room you're redecorating.

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