Worry-free operation

Dust Armor Nanotechnology

Dust Armor™ Nanotechnology Blade Coating Repels Dust Build Up

Hunter Fan Company recognized one of the largest complaints with ceiling fans was cleaning dusty fan blades and the unsightliness of having extremely dusty blades in an otherwise clean home. Some barriers to cleaning blades include fans that are located high in a room in hard to reach places and customers damaging their fans while attempting to clean them.

To combat all of these problems Hunter Fan Company is proud to introduce Dust Armor. After years of research we have formulated a blade coating which helps to repel dust build up through a breakthrough nanotechnology.

Dust Armor begins hitting stores in April 2010 and will be on all Hunter ceiling fans by the end of the year. So be sure to look for it when you’re shopping for your new Hunter ceiling fan!

How Dust Armor Blade Coating works:

  1. The blade surface is coated with a layer of nano particles.
  2. The nano particles repel small moisture molecules.
  3. Dust particles gather to water molecules and when the density of the dust/water particles is low enough, light air currents blow the combined particle away from the surface.

Auto Balance Technology

Wobble free. Worry free.

Until now, wobbling blades were just an annoyance people had to put up with to enjoy a fan’s cooling comfort. Not anymore. Years in development, our new Auto Balance® technology guarantees that your Hunter fan will be wobble-free.

How it Works

Why has the wobble been so hard to prevent for so long? The slightest alteration in blade angle or weight can create uneven rotation. It can happen from incorrect installation (even by professional craftspeople), cleaning, warping over time, or dust buildup. The heavier blade creates an unbalanced load on the motor spindle, which starts the wobble. And that’s where the Auto Balance® technology comes in.

  1. Sensing the imbalance, the Hunter Auto Balance® Control Ring self-corrects for uneven loads by adjusting the positions of the other blades to counter the heavier blade’s additional centripetal force.
  2. Each of the other four blades is instantly and automatically repositioned by the Control Ring to eliminate the wobble.

WhisperWind Motor

The WhisperWind motor, available on most models, delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance. So you get the cooling power you want, without the noise you don't.