Quality Craftsmanship

More than industry innovators, we’re ceiling fan pioneers since 1886. By continually creating—and improving upon—ceiling fans that increase air movement and efficiency while decreasing noise and vibration, we continue to set the standard by which all other ceiling fans are measured.

How do you know if your ceiling fan is as energy efficient as it should be? It isn’t, unless it’s a Hunter. The volume of air your ceiling fan can move — along with how quiet it is, how long it lasts, and of course the amount of energy it uses — determines its efficiency. But it isn’t your job to figure this out. We already have. All you need to do is trust in Hunter’s tradition of excellence and the many advantages of a Hunter ceiling fan. Other ceiling fans may claim efficiency with low-wattage motors, but they move little air. Competitors also compromise on blade pitch (angle) and blade surface area, which makes a fan even less efficient. With Hunter, it’s all about precision craftsmanship in perfect harmony with a one-of-a-kind motor for superior heat displacement and greater air movement. That adds up to superior energy efficiency.

How does Hunter do it? By surpassing industry standards in product testing. While agency standards call for a stringent test protocol, Hunter goes above and beyond these requirements by self-imposing a more rigorous test protocol than required by regulatory agencies. And we realize that going that extra mile makes all the difference in superior fan performance and reliability. Watch the video below to learn more about the unique tests and conditions Hunter products are subjected to so we make sure we’re providing the highest quality possible.