High Velocity fans for garage/workshop

Hunter knows some living and work spaces call for vigorous air movement – something more than what a ceiling fan alone can offer. Garages, workshops, gyms, game rooms and jobsites all demand powerful air movement to keep people cool and circulate musty or soiled air. Hunter’s high velocity fans incorporate the high performance air movement Hunter fans are known for as well as rugged durability that can stand up to the workload in rough working and living spaces. Backed by a 5-year warranty, these fans are built to last.

Features of Hunter’s high velocity, 3-speed garage and workshop fans:

• 18” Garage Fan with integrated flexible task light and 360 degree “anywhere air” technology can be used on the floor or installed over head on its patented ceiling bracket. It can also be plugged into the extra outlet typically available for a garage door opener.

• 18” Sherpa Cart Fan with two halogen work lights and power box, carries up to 200 lbs. of gear to the worksite. Height adjustable for placement in front of a standard window for use as an exhaust fan.

• 14” Twin Turbo Jobsite Fan with sturdy aluminum frame, extra power box and rugged and convenient 2-wheeled construction.