HEPAtech System

How the HEPAtechâ„¢ System Works

  1. Whisper-Quiet Hunter® Fan draws air into the unit without the noise associated with many competitive models.
  2. Separate Washable Pre-Filter captures large dust particles, lint, and pet hair from dirty air.
  3. Permanently Charged HEPAtech Electret Filter effectively captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micron in size that pass through the filter.
  4. Ionizer distributes negative ions throughout the room to enhance the cleaning process while freshening the air. (Available on select Models.)
  5. Effective Airflow Design exhausts clean, purified air back into the room from the top to avoid stirring up settled particles
HEPAtech-System-Hunter-Fan-Innovations HEPAtech-System-Hunter-Fan-Innovations