It’s an exciting time to be a Hunter fan.

Innovation can spring from any corner of our company, but our Research & Development lab is where we put ideas to the test (after test after test). Our engineers and technicians are always pushing for better, smarter ways to improve ceiling fan performance, whether we’re looking at new motor technologies, remote controls, blade design or something we haven’t thought of yet. No matter what we’re working on, we’re driven by the challenge to create ceiling fans that are perfectly quiet, perfectly reliable and perfectly in step with your lifestyle.


Effortless everything

You shouldn’t have to work up a sweat trying to make yourself comfortable. That’s why we strive to make Hunter ceiling fans effortless in every capacity—from how you install a fan to how you interact with it on a daily basis. Explore some of the breakthrough technologies we’re known for and see what else is on the horizon.

The Five Minute Fan

For some people, installing a ceiling fan is a huge hurdle. As a result, they put off doing it and miss out on all the advantages of having a Hunter in their home (improved comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics, for example). We want everyone to benefit from a Hunter, so we invented the groundbreaking Five Minute Fan—which comes 90% preassembled out of the box. You can have it up and running in just three simple steps—and in five minutes or less. No electrician or handy neighbor necessary. Even better? The Five Minute Fan is also versatile. Along with your choice of standard or Energy Star models and a range of finishes, you can install it flush, standard or angled—and with or without a light kit. Learn more about the Five Minute Fan.


Lighting the way...

From LEDs to CFLs, lighting is an increasingly important aspect of the ceiling fan—and as usual, we’re leading the industry in illumination output testing. The latest at our Research & Development test lab? Our Light Room. Here, our engineers and technicians have come up with some pretty cool ways to measure light distribution and intensity levels. One recent innovation includes our Shine Bright light kit, which features three 24-watt CFLs—the approximate equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent.


Airflow pioneers!

You know the CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow rating that all fan manufacturers are required to provide? We invented that measurement system. Why? Well, decades ago, most people thought that the faster a fan turned, the greater the airflow. We knew that wasn’t the case—optimum airflow is based on several factors, including blade pitch, blade length and motor design—and we wanted to find a way to gauge airflow (and prove that Hunter fans moved the most air, most efficiently). So our engineers came up with a way to measure velocity and calculate CFM—a system that the Department of Energy adopted to create today’s CFM standard. (High fives, Hunter engineers!) Incidentally, measuring airflow also allowed us to figure out a long time ago exactly how much cooler a fan can make you feel: eight degrees.


Industrial Innovation

Launched in 2016, Hunter Industrial is taking the Hunter commitment to excellence into a new market – industrial ceiling fans.  Our line of Titan fans span from 14 to 24 feet and are a perfect fit for commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, breweries, aviation, and manufacturing. We’ve taken innovative steps to provide the air movement you need while lowering the total cost of ownership through improvements in efficiency, installation, weight, maintenance, and reliability. 

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