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New Campaign Gives Consumers Easy Solution to Reduce Energy Bills, Help the Environment

LOOK UP, a new campaign from Hunter Fan Company, shows consumers how to slash energy bills with two common household items – a ceiling fan and programmable thermostat. Despite the fact that these appliances can save significant energy, research shows people are overwhelmingly using them incorrectly or not at all. 


“Ceiling fans and thermostats are affordable, energy-saving tools that most of us already have in our homes,” says Jim Gallman, Hunter Fan Co. vice president of marketing. “But research shows that very few of us are using them in a way that saves energy. Given the challenging economy and rising energy costs, it’s crucial to educate America about this easy, energy saving strategy that requires no sacrifice.”


LOOK UP shows consumers that using a programmable thermostat in conjunction with a ceiling fan can save as much as $500 on energy bills. The key is for homeowners to set their thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter. Ceiling fans can help homeowners do this without any noticeable change in comfort by setting the fan in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, depending on the season. No one understands this better than actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. who is supporting the campaign. Begley is a pioneer for advocating “green living” and lauded for his support of reasonable and realistic solutions for saving energy.


"A lot of people are concerned about what new energy sources will save our planet—things they can't control,” says Begley. “Instead, we should be looking at the difference we can make in our own lives every day. It starts at home."


According to a 2005 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, more than 42 percent of the 66 million single-family homes with at least one ceiling fan are using them incorrectly or not at all. Additionally, more than half of the 53.7 million single-family homes that have a thermostat do not use a programmable thermostat, which can lead to additional energy savings. If American households implemented the adjustments outlined in this campaign, it will be the equivalent of taking millions of cars off the road.


“This study clearly shows that there is still a need to educate homeowners about simple energy-saving strategies,” says Gallman. “LOOK UP is helping to prove that.”


LOOK UP is a campaign to build awareness of the energy-saving potential of two common household appliances – a ceiling fan and programmable thermostat. Its mission is to slash energy bills by giving consumers the tools and resources to use these appliances properly. LOOK UP launched in October 2008 and is supported by Hunter Fan Company.

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