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Hunter Fan Cracks Code on Wobbling Ceiling Fan, Eliminates Common Household Annoyance

Memphis, Tenn. (February 13, 2008) – Since its creation more than 100 years ago, the ceiling fan has wobbled. This annoying and disconcerting side effect of one of the most commonly used home comfort products has made it difficult to fully enjoy. Despite efforts to stop the wobble – Internet blogs abound with tips such as using weighted tape to balance blades or cleaning the dust from the blades often to help maintain balance – nothing has been able to guarantee peace from it. That is until now.

After years of development, Hunter Fan Company, the leading manufacturer of ceiling fans worldwide, has eliminated the wobble with a patented new technology called Perfect Balance™. As the name implies, Perfect Balance™ ensures the fan blades are always in balance; never wobbling.

The technology is based on a shifting disk that continuously relocates the blades’ center of balance, which is what prevents the fan from wobbling. The blades automatically correct with each rotation over the life of the fan - ensuring homeowners never have to deal with a wobbly fan system.


“Perfect Balance™ is by far the most innovative breakthrough in technology the ceiling fan industry has ever seen,” says Chuck Smith, president of Hunter Fan Company. “In fact, we feel so strongly about this technology that we plan to incorporate it into all our fan models by 2012.”


According to research conducted by Zoomerang in 2007, 90 percent of homeowners with wobbling ceiling fans reported the issue as bothersome and nearly half of all respondents had a ceiling fan that wobbled.

According to Hunter, a wobble-free ceiling fan is something that will win over consumers and builders alike.


“Several builders have reported getting called back often to fix wobbling ceiling fans within newly constructed homes under warranty, which means time and money,” says Smith. “Hunter ceiling fans with Perfect Balance™ technology are the only product on the market that can guarantee no wobbles.”


According to Hunter, the reason a wobbling ceiling fan has been so prevalent is because even the slightest alteration in blade angle or weight can create the uneven rotation. Common causes of a wobbling ceiling fan include: aligning the blades incorrectly during installation or cleaning, blades becoming warped over time, and dust buildup.


“Even professional craftspeople can align the blades incorrectly due to slightly shifting the blades during installation,” says Smith.


While price and aesthetics have traditionally been the two most important factors for consumers when purchasing a ceiling fan, according to Hunter, the company believes its new technology and accompanying life-time no-wobble guarantee will become equally as important.


“Our research suggests that a no-wobble guarantee will have a significant impact on consumer buying behavior,” says Smith. “Greater functionality is something we at Hunter are working hard to bring to all our products and Perfect Balance™ is just the latest example of that.”


Two ceiling fan models featuring the new Perfect Balance™ technology will be available at national home centers in May 2008.

Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Hunter Fan Co. is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. Today, the company also manufactures high-performance air purifiers, low-maintenance humidifiers, vaporizers, portable fans and energy-saving thermostats. Hunter fans and other product lines are available in retail showrooms, home centers, and discount stores nationwide. For more information about Perfect Balance or other Hunter products, contact 1-888-918-4326 or visit

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Sure, we invented the ceiling fan—but every day, we find new ways to perfect it. That’s our challenge and our passion. Why? Because a ceiling fan is something special. It’s more than a mere appliance or fixture—it’s a piece of fine furniture that’s also incredibly functional. What other home furnishing can maximize comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics in every room?

Because we design and engineer our fans right here in Memphis, we’re able to stay at the forefront of the industry, incorporating the very latest trends and technologies into our fans, then rigorously testing them beyond established standards to ensure a lifetime of whisper-quiet performance.

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