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Hunter® Takes the Chill Out of Icy Bathrooms with Hot New Product

Hunter Fan Co. introduces an inexpensive yet luxurious product for homeowners that will enhance the comfort and décor of their home without breaking the bank – the perfect product for an unstable housing industry. Hunter, a leading manufacturer of innovative home comfort products and energy efficient solutions for the home, introduces Illumi-Heat™ -- a simple and stylish solution to provide added heat where it’s needed or desired.


“An innovative product like Illumi-Heat adds a unique upgrade to the home; consumers have shown a lot of excitement and desire for the product,” says Brendan Byrne, Hunter Fan vice president of ceiling fans and accessories.


Illumi-Heat is an expertly crafted semi-flush ceiling light with a built-in heater option that provides consumers with soothing on-demand heat. It also allows homeowners to turn down the thermostat in their homes without sacrificing comfort. Research by Hunter Fan showed that consumers overwhelmingly expressed interest in this product and that the bathroom was the first room that came to mind.


“The first thing many people do on a cold morning is crank up their thermostats and head for their cold bathroom,” says Byrne. “This product is the perfect solution because it can heat up the average bathroom in just minutes. And since many people spend their mornings in only a few rooms before leaving for the day, you can heat those rooms without having to heat the entire home.”


Unlike other zone heating options, Hunter designed this product to be a more fashionable solution for on-demand heating that quickly and powerfully moves heat throughout the room. Through a patented Four-Seasons Heater technology, Illumi-Heat is able to raise the temperature of a 215 square-foot room by five degrees in as little as one hour, which translates into just minutes in smaller rooms such as a bathroom. For flexibility and convenience, heat and light are controlled separately via a remote control and wall switch. Consumers may use the wall switch or remote control to operate the light, heater or both.

“What’s amazing about Illumi-Heat is that it looks like a stylish light fixture yet acts as a powerful heater,” says Byrne. “And what makes it even more attractive is that it installs just like your average light fixture.” Illumi-Heat is designed with a two-wire system making it easy for homeowners to install the product directly into most existing lighting infrastructures. In addition to bathrooms, Illumi-Heat is ideal for providing extra warmth in bedrooms, offices, entryways and in rooms throughout drafty homes. Illumi-Heat was launched in January of 2008. It is already available in some retail locations and will roll-out regionally over the year. The manufacturers’ suggested retail price is $129 and is backed by a one-year warranty. Illumi-heat is available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Hunter Fan Co. is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. Today, the company also manufactures high-performance air purifiers, low-maintenance humidifiers, vaporizers, portable fans and energy-saving thermostats. Hunter fans and other product lines are available in retail showrooms, home centers, and discount stores nationwide. For more information about Illumi-Heat or other Hunter products, contact 1-888-918-4326.

About Hunter Fan
Sure, we invented the ceiling fan—but every day, we find new ways to perfect it. That’s our challenge and our passion. Why? Because a ceiling fan is something special. It’s more than a mere appliance or fixture—it’s a piece of fine furniture that’s also incredibly functional. What other home furnishing can maximize comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics in every room?

Because we design and engineer our fans right here in Memphis, we’re able to stay at the forefront of the industry, incorporating the very latest trends and technologies into our fans, then rigorously testing them beyond established standards to ensure a lifetime of whisper-quiet performance.

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