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Hunter® Enhances Work Space with Sleek, New Air Cleaner Built for the Desktop

Editor Note - As of the production of this press release, this product has not been officially named and is referred to as “personal space air cleaner.” Please check with media contact for up-to-date product information as a name will soon be released.)

The best new accessory for your computer and workspace will have you breathing easier – a personal space air cleaner built by Hunter Fan Company. Instead of trying to clean the whole room, which in many cubicle and open-area work places isn’t feasible, the personal space air cleaner provides a focused zone of flowing fresh filtered air. This is an ideal product for the workplace because it’s small, affordable and provides a continuous supply of fresh air.


“Consumers who have air purifiers at home understand the benefits of cleaned and conditioned air,” says Hunter Fan Marketing Manager Kent Mathis. “But at the workplace, they feel like they have less control over their environment and space is at a premium – this product overcomes both of those issues. And if you ever wondered about how much stuff is in the air at your office, just wipe your finger across your computer screen.”


In addition to having a sleek, attractive design, a premium version of the product is available that can be synced to a computer. The product connects via a USB port and uses a graphical user interface to control speed, set product timer, review remaining filter life, order replacement filters and monitor local air quality via the web.According to Mathis, the product not only cleans and conditions the air, it removes odor which will enhance the work environment and give users a refreshed feeling.The personal space air cleaner is set to launch in the summer of 2008 and will be available in many retail outlets. The product will retail around $59.99 and be available in several colors.

Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Hunter Fan Co. is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. Today, the company also manufactures high-performance air purifiers, low-maintenance humidifiers, portable fans and energy-saving thermostats. Hunter fans and other product lines are available in retail showrooms, home centers, and discount stores nationwide. For more information about the personal space air purifier or other Hunter products, contact 1-888-918-4326.

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