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Control Home Heating and Cooling Costs with New Smartphone Controlled Thermostat and save Hundreds $$$

Now consumers can dramatically cut heating and cooling costs by installing Hunter Fan’s new Universal Internet Thermostat, which is controlled in-home or remotely with a smartphone app.

Consumers can save an average of $180 a year using a programmable thermostat according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Hunter Fan’s Universal Internet Thermostat is the best valued programmable thermostat controlled by a smartphone, retailing for only $99.99.  Competing products with similar functionality retail for more than $150 and do not offer Hunter Fan’s 5 Minute Installation™ system and ease of use.


“The Universal Internet Thermostat works with a broad range of heating and cooling systems and can be controlled from anywhere, anytime with a smartphone and our best-in-class app,” said Martin Heckmann, Group Marketing Manager at Hunter Fan.  “The Universal Internet Thermostat is ideal for people and families who want to warm or cool their homes before they come home, and save money by turning off their heating & cooling equipment when they are traveling.”


Hunter Fan teamed with Arrayent’s Internet-Connect™ Service to deliver a superior product experience.


“The Hunter Fan team saw that current Internet connected thermostat products all suffer from complex installation problems and cost issues,” said Shane Dyer, Arrayent’s president. “Hunter Fan’s years of thermostat product experience, combined with its commitment to its 5 Minute Installation™ system made Hunter Fan a perfect match for Arrayent’s “just works” Internet product connection technology and low cost connectivity.  We are very pleased to be working with such a forward thinking technology company.”


The first three months of internet connectivity are free, as part a 100% risk-free trial.  Consumers can opt to pay $9.99 a year for internet connectivity or pay a $49.99 one-time fee for product life-time internet connectivity.

With Hunter Fan’s native app for iPhone*, iPad* and iPod* smart devices and tablets as well as for use with all other devices, consumers can control their Universal Internet Thermostat to fit their needs and busy lifestyles.

Subscribers can also set their devices to receive email alerts when a home’s temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point, indicating an issue that may lead to pipe freezing or mold building, or when it’s time to change the filter or battery level is low. 

The Universal Internet Thermostat is compatible with a broad range of heating and cooling systems, and with Hunter Fan’s 5 Minute Installation™ system everything you need is already in the box.  There is a built in level on the thermostat, color coded wire terminals and self-anchoring screws making installation quick and easy.  Connecting to the internet is as simple as connecting the gateway to your wireless router, plugging it into a power source and when the light turns green the thermostat is connected to the internet.

Similar remotely controlled thermostats suffer from two problems.  First, they are very hard to install, requiring a 24 volt “C-Wire” connection and with Wi-Fi provisioning requiring the home owner to know their SSID and password.  Second, they are expensive costing more than $150.  Hunter Fan Co’s Universal Internet Thermostat addresses both of these problems.

An estimated 50% or more of U.S. households today do not have a common wire. The common wire or “C-Wire” is essentially a power cord that runs from the heating and cooling system to the thermostat.

Unlike traditional thermostats, internet connected climate controls are “power-hungry” because they constantly communicate back and forth with the “cloud”.


“If you buy a thermostat that requires a “C-Wire” but the contractor that wired your heating and cooling system didn’t put one in, you either need to return the thermostat or hire an electrician to run a “C-Wire”, costing hundreds maybe thousands of dollars,” said Heckmann.  “The way Hunter designed its Universal Internet Thermostat is revolutionary in that it works with both, a common wire and/or replaceable AA batteries.”


Everything you can do with the best-in-class smart phone app

Multiple Location & Device Management 

Have a vacation home you need to monitor? How about a parent’s home you’d like to help control? Anywhere you have a Universal Internet Thermostat installed it can be managed through the smartphone app. So whether you’re headed to your vacation home and need to lower the air or you want to help your parent set their thermostat schedule, you have the flexibility to do it – all from the palm of your hand.

Unlimited Scheduling 

With our busy lives, and with more than one person in a household, things get complicated.  The Universal Internet Thermostat allows for flexible and unlimited scheduling for every day of the week.


Does more than one person in your household need the flexibility of controlling your thermostat settings? Or perhaps you’ve let friends have your condo for the week? With the Universal Internet Thermostat, you can invite family members and friends to help control your thermostat.

Weather Forecasts

View combined forecasts for all locations without having to look anywhere else to figure it out.


Set up alerts if battery life is low, filter needs to be changed, or if a predetermined temperature set point is exceeded.   For example, when a home’s temperature drops or raises to a pre-determined set point this can indicate that something is wrong with the heating and cooling system.

Product Features: 

  • Works with virtually all types of heating and cooling systems 
  • 5 Minute Installation™ System with a plug and play internet gateway 
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries for up to one Year 
  • Supports 24 Volt “C-Wire” operation 
  • Automatically changes between heating and cooling 
  • Best-in-class App from iTunes App Store, or a web and mobile app on for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs 
  • $99.99 retail price 
  • Limited five-year warranty

Availability: Online and in select home improvement and discount retailers across North America, including Lowes, Canadian Tire, and Walmart.  Product launches October 11, 2012.

ABOUT HUNTER FAN COMPANY – Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Hunter Fan Co. is the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer. Today, the company also manufactures energy-saving thermostats, high-performance air purifiers, low-maintenance humidifiers and portable fans. Hunter fans and other product lines are available in retail showrooms, home centers and discount stores nationwide. For more information, visit, or call 1-888-830-1326.

ABOUT ARRAYENT – Arrayent’s (pronounced Array-ENT) cloud-based Connect Service connects consumer products to web and smartphone applications at low cost, with a “just works” install process that is secure.  The service enables consumer product companies to deliver a superior product experience, and build connected-customer relationships that together maximize customer lifetime value.  Arrayent’s customers in production include The Chamberlain Group, Inc., Hunter Fan Co., Mattel, Inc. and Monster Cable.  Customers have called Arrayent “the Cisco of small things.”  For more information see: . Note: The Arrayent name, logo, and Arrayent Internet-Connect are trademarks of Arrayent, Inc.

*iPhone, iPad and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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